Discover: Old Wives’ Tale

Brothers Jaime and Felipe Valencia lead Old Wives’ Tale, a dance punk outfit out of Miami. Now based in Los Angeles, Old Wives’ Tale has released their second album, Late Night Paraphernilia.  At six tracks long, this release rarely takes a foot off the accelerator. Tracks like Josephine, Frenzy and Noise exemplify this approach.They break form with Momma Devil, a blues-infused number that starts off tongue-in-cheek before ripping it up.  Bliss and its chill-out, steady groove close the album like last call in one of South Beach’s chichi dance clubs.

Check out:

Momma Devil from Late Night Paraphernilia [mp3]

Watch: [15] Amphetamine from Younger Limbs

And you can pick up their digital albums for $3 each below…

Stream/Buy: Late Paraphernilia

Stream/Buy: Younger Limbs



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