FRIDAY’S FREE FEATURE: Incan Abraham – “Ancient Vacation”

In just over a year, the psychedelic indie pop band, Incan Abraham, has recorded three EPs. We recently came across their latest EP through an announcement about their CMJ set last month. Needless to say, Ancient Vacation bowled us over. This is one of the best FFF albums featured this year, and an excellent pick up for fans of Animal Collective and Painted Palms. There’s plenty of atmosphere, pounding tribal rhythms, and subtle, jazz-inspired fret work on the guitar. There’s no “let up” on this release–an excellent EP. Download, import, put on repeat and have fun with it.

You can think of today’s post as a three-in-one offering, as we also link to past EPs, Adult World (released Aug. 2010) and Sunscreen (released (Jan. 2011).

Check out:

Paper Army [mp3]

Beige [mp3]

Download/Stream: Ancient Vacation [Bandcamp]

Download/Stream: Sunscreen [Bandcamp]

Download/Stream: Adult World [Bandcamp]

Follow Incan Abraham:   Facebook  |  Twitter

Happy Friday, y’all!


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