Rain From the Cloud: 11.16.11

Some choice tracks from the cloud this week. The Blam pull one from the vault. Michael Kiwanuka is a modern-day Otis Redding. Belgium-based Black Box Revelation unleash some nasty blues-rock. King Dude takes us into the tree that made Luke Skywalker freak. The R’s have that 60’s Brit pop feel. Finally, Speech Debelle gives us something for that new cardio mix. Check them out now:

Black Box RevelationShiver of Joy from the Shiver of Joy EP
out now on Merovee Records
Notes: More cowbell! and buzzy guitars, please. This Belgian blues rock act provides a bit of classic goodness for your ears. Follow the link on the band name to get the album and pay what you want for it.

The BlamNo Surprise from Blow Wind Blow
out now on Curb Cut Records
Notes: Wow! It’s been awhile… The Blam reappear and deliver their brand of delicious power pop on their third release, Blow Wind Blow. Get No Surprise as a free download.

King DudeBig Blues Eyes from Love
out now on Dais
Notes: Seattle’s King Dude releases this long-awaited LP. Big Blue Eyes sounds as though it was recorded in a cave. It’s dark in the style of Johnny Cash and Nick Cave.

Michael KiwanukaHome Again from the Home Again EP
out January 1, 2012 on Polydor Records
Notes: Kiwanuka’s soulful and sincere delivery is riveting. This the first track from the EP and expect a full-length release in March.

The R’sCall of the Ice from De Flora Et Fauna
out November 20 on Nat Geo Music
Notes: Surf guitars and a boppin’ beat, make this a nice track from this Italian trio. For some reason, this reminds me of the 60s act, The Young Rascals. This is a free download.

Speech DebelleStudio Backpack Rap from Freedom of Speech
out February 2012 on Big Dada Recordings
Notes: We don’t feature a lot of hip hop, even though we all enjoy it. This is a bouncy, borderline club tune. It’s full of energy and lots of fun, plus a free download to boot.



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