Discover: Blessed Feathers

Blessed Feathers is a Wisconsin-based folk outfit who just released their second LP, From the Mouths of the Middle Class. This album is a wonderful confluence of blues, 60’s pop music, French Folk, and Americana. Led by multi-instrumentalists Jacqueline Beaupre and Donivan Berube, Blessed Feathers includes contributions from Jordan Knowles (percussion, maker of mirth and merriment) and Steev Baker, who is also a multi-instrumentalist.

Tracks are led vocally by either Beaupre or Berube, who also back the other’s lead. Beaupre’s songs tend to reflect the French Folk and 60’s pop, while Berube tends to favor traditional folk in the manner of Avett Brothers and Bowerbirds. Like its self-titled predecessor, From the Mouths of the Middle Class is recorded without the usual studio trappings. It’s described as a bedroom recording, and certainly sounds as though it were recorded in an old house with arched ceilings and loose floorboards (see the video for The Great Loon’s Wild Scream for a picture). There’s a warmth to this album. One that will carry well into the coming months, as the air grows crisp and chilly. This is an excellent sophomore release, and a worthwhile album you can enjoy throughout the year. If you’re a fan of modern folk, pick it up!

Rating: 86/100 [A must buy for 2011]

You can pay what you want for electronic copies of From the Mouths of the Middle Class and their self-titled debut (see the Bandcamp streams below).

Check out:

Stinging Nettle, Honeysuckle [mp3]

Winter Sister [mp3]

Watch: The Great Loon’s Wild Scream

Watch: Pawn Shop Blues (Live at WMSE)

Download/Stream: From the Mouths of the Middle Class

Download/Stream: Blessed Feathers LP (first album)

Blessed Feather Links: Site | Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud



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