Something for Later Volume 4

A new installment of experimental rock, avant garde pop, freak folk, and electronic music (all free & legal).  If you like the music, please check out the artists.

Click Here to download ZIP file with all tracks [mp3], track listing, and cover art.

01 Boats – T.V. Scientist [mp3] (from Cannonballs, Cannonballs)
02 Richard Swift – Whitman [mp3] (from Walt Wolfman)
03 Zun Zun Equi – Fandango Fresh [mp3] (from Katang)
04 The Voluntary Butler Scheme – Yo-Yo Star [mp3]
05 The Chocolate Horse – Escape All Responsibility
[mp3] (from Beasts)
06 The Miami – If He Changed My Name [mp3] (from I’ll Be Who You Want Me to Be)
07 Hooves – Airglow [mp3] (from Minimus EP)
08 The Do – Slippery Slope [mp3] (from Slippery Slope)
09 Sun Airways – Wild Palms [mp3] (from Wild Palms)
10 Richard Youngs – Tessellations [mp3] (from Amplifying Host)
11 Ponytail – Easy Peasy [mp3] (from Do Whatever You Want All the Time)
12 Marlon Rando – Time Machine [mp3] (from Marlon Rando EP)
13 Mwahaha – Poinsetta [mp3] (from Mwahaha)
14 Labyrinth Ear – Amber [mp3] (from forthcoming EP)
15 Gem Club – Twins [mp3] (from Breakers)
16 Boston Spaceships – Christmas Girl[mp3] (from Let It Beard)
17 Eleanor Friedberger – My Mistakes [mp3] (from Last Summer)
18 Talkdemomic – Revival [mp3] (from Ruins)
19 Jurgen Muller – Chasing Submarines [mp3] (from Science of the Sea)
20 Lid Emba – Dawning [mp3] (from Terminal Muse: Blue)
21 Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power – Rebound [mp3] (from Practice in the Milky Way)
22 Iceage – White Rune [mp3] (from New Brigade)
23 Franklin – Summer Geek Serenade [mp3] (from Artificial Light)



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