The New 11.08.11

Company – Waiting For Saints To Arrive [mp3] (from Holy City, out now)

Company – 
Heaven Is Gone [mp3] (from Holy City, out now)

Company – The Departed [mp3] (from Holy City, out now)

Charleston, SC’s Company offers three tracks from the recently released Holy City album.  Tracks have a nice low-fi warmth, like Guided by Voices writing about love & loss.

The Moth & The MirrorFire [mp3] (from Honestly, This World!, out today)
Scottish supergroup features members from Reindeer Section, Arab Strap, Frightened Rabbit, Admiral Fallow, and Song of Return.

The Black Heart ProcessionBlank Page [mp3] (from Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit, out now)

White DenimNo Real Reason [mp3] (from Takes Place in Your Work Space, out now)

Cuckoo ChaosJust Ride It [mp3] (from Woman, out now)

Remember RememberJohn Candy [mp3] (from The Quickening, out now)

The Lower 48The End [mp3] (from Where All Maps End, out now)

Golden BloomWorking Title: The Mob Song [mp3] (from If A Lot Of Bands Play in the Woods, out now)

GangliansJungle [mp3] (from Still Living, out now)


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