On the Radar: Something Fierce

The opening track on Something Fierce’s Don’t Be So Cruel introduces a muffled, bouncing bass riff, followed by simple drum beat and minimal, rhythmic distorted guitar.  The listener is swiftly transported to the late 1970s, when post-punk was challenging the dominant forms of punk rock by incorporating elements of reggae, ska, funk, and dance music.  This surreal voyage is punctuated by the vocals of S. Garcia, which attain an intense earthiness that resides somewhere between Mick Jones and Joe Strummer.  At times, Don’t Be So Cruel sounds like it could be a lost third disc of The Clash’s Sandanista!, but Something Fierce forges their own identity by mixing in elements of alternative and garage rock, such as on outstanding tracks ‘Afghani Sands’ and ‘Empty Screens’.

Check Out: Afghani Sands [mp3]

Check Out: Empty Screens [mp3]

Stream/Download ($6): Something FierceDon’t Be So Cruel


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