Friday, Friday? Yep, that’s right!!! FRIDAY RAMBLINGS

In this special, Friday edition: The Wiggles get Rewiggled, discover Analog Rebellion, and we resume our Blogophilia re-posts with Volume 18.


If you’ve had a child in the past twenty years (or if you’ve been one in the last twenty), it’s hard not to go by a bowl of fruit salad and proclaim it as yummy, yummy.  Thanks to the Disney Channel, The Wiggles have left an indelible mark on children worldwide.  It’s hard to believe this Aussie act is 20 years old.   To mark this occasion, several of Australia’s best independent acts have contributed to the album, Rewiggled.

Rewiggled features 20 Wiggles songs recorded by The Living End, Washington, Jebediah, Sarah Blasko, Architecture In Helsinki, Spiderbait, Bluejuice, Frenzal Rhomb, Clare Bowditch, The Snowdroppers, Busby Marou, Adalita, Papa VS Pretty, The Audreys, Dead Letter Chorus, Oh Mercy, Angie Hart, Sons of Rico, Steve Lane and the Autocrats and Paul Greene.  It’s out today and you can get it here.

Parents, this is stuff you can listen along with your kids in the car! The rest of you can relive your childhood.

Preview the album through the videos below.  You can also check out several samples on their Facebook page (you’ll have to like the page first).

Watch: Oh Mercy – Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car

Watch: Architecture in Helsinki – Wiggly Party

Watch: The Wiggles vs. Sampology

Here’s the complete track listing:

The Living End – Hot Potato
Washington – The Monkey Dance
Jebediah – Getting Strong!
Sarah Blasko – I Love It When It Rains
Architecture In Helsinki – Wiggly Party
Spiderbait – Rock-A-Bye Your Bear
Bluejuice – Wake Up Jeff!
Frenzal Rhomb – Captain’s Magic Buttons
Clare Bowditch – Georgia’s Song
The Snowdroppers – Wags The Dog
Busby Marou – Dressing Up
Adalita – Get Ready To Wiggle
Papa VS Pretty – Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?)
The Audreys – Cowboys And Cowgirls
Dead Letter Chorus – Wiggle Bay
Oh Mercy – Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car
Angie Hart – Our Boat Is Rocking On The Sea
Sons Of Rico – Shaky Shaky
Steve Lane And The Autocrats – Fruit Salad
Paul Greene – Henry’s Spinning
Sampology – The Wiggles Mash-up

Discover: Analog Rebellion

Photo by Sandy Kurtzman, The Shorthorn

Analog Rebellion is the solo project of Daniel Hunter. At 21 years of age, this alternative rocker is amazingly prolific. The Aledo, Texas product is currently unsigned after releasing his debut with Island Records, and then moving on to release another LP (Ancient Electrons), a collection of B-sides (Besides, Nothing) and two EPs (Cavanaugh, SomethingDogs Are Better Than Cats).

He’s released a couple of demos for an as yet untitled, unscheduled third LP. Father Abraham‘s synth tones and ripping guitar create a dark atmosphere that reels in the listener. Holy Atmosphere is a screamer. You can listen to each below. Check back with us as we monitor what’s next from Analog Rebellion.

Check out:

Father Abraham (Demo) [mp3]

Holy Atmosphere [YouTube stream]

Parts of this post were informed by Preston Jones of from his original story on Analog Rebellion.

Blogophilia Re-post: Volume 18

It’s been awhile… We’re planning to finish the re-posting project over the course of November.  Here’s Volume 18.  It’s up for a week and then gone. Get it while you can!

Blogophilia 18
Songs from Blogs March 15-April 30
Ripped @ 320 kbps VBR

Download All Files in Zip Format


  1. 01 Intro (1:44) – Wayne & Garth
  2. 02 Whizz Kid   (3:14) – The Amplifetes
  3. 03 Born Free   (4:09) – M.I.A.
  4. 04 Beat the Devil’s Tattoo  (3:41) – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  5. 05 911 (3:11) – Delta Spirit
  6. 06 My Eyes to See (4:00) – Alcoholic Faith Mission
  7. 07 Go Home  (4:31) – Bad Veins
  8. 08 Mexico   (2:43) – Common Loon
  9. 09 Go Outside (3:17) – Cults
  10. 10 20 Miles (3:35) – Deer Tick
  11. 11 Force of Proper Wind (2:54) – Discover America
  12. 12 Artex Died in Truth or Consequences  (2:12) – Drew Danburry
  13. 13 Silver Dagger (3:05) – Fleet Foxes
  14. 14 In Which, I, Robert (2:44) – Inlets
  15. 15 Repetition (2:28) – Love Is All
  16. 16 Solid Ground (2:48) – Maps & Atlases
  17. 17 Crank Resolutions (4:36) – Meursault
  18. 18 Hard For You (3:20) – One For the Team
  19. 19 Kaleidoscope Eyes (3:23) – Painted Hills
  20. 20 Hard As Nails (3:37) – Peter Wolf Crier
  21. 21 The Mermaid Parade (4:15) – Phosphorescent
  22. 22 Have A Little Faith in People (2:07) – The Lodger
  23. 23 Heart to Tell (2:24) – The Love Language
  24. 24 Blood Dries Darker (4:29) – Woods

Download All Files in Zip Format



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