FRIDAY’S FREE FEATURE!!!: Turn Off Your Television

Turn Off Your Television! Not only is this good advice, but it’s also a band out of Sweden who are offering their debut LP on Bandcamp. Oddly enough, the band has deep roots in Americana. Tracks Never Rusting SymphonyThe Days We Have Today, and the two-part Southern Lights of Home, will have you swearing that this trio is from Lincoln, NE and not Malmö.

The band cites Sparklehorse as a major influence, but they’re a bit more ebullient than Mr. Linkous. Favoring bright harmonies and strong ties to artists like the Byrds and late 70’s era Paul Simon, Turn Off Your Television offers warm, folk-inspired pop songs that will make your tweeters sing with glee.

It’s hard to believe that this album is free. Go get it, and play it all weekend.

Check out:

I Just Cleaned The Floor [mp3]

Never Rusting Symphony [mp3]

Download/Stream: S/T LP from Turn Off Your Television

Happy Friday, y’all! 


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