Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 10.30.11

In this edition: Meet Aleks and the Ramps; discover Hunters; we have some Halloween treats from Forest Mountain Hymnal and Finger Fangs; and VIDEOS!

Discover: Aleks and the Ramps

Melbourne’s Aleks and the Ramps get flack from establishment types in their native Australia for being eccentric and quirky.  At The Dadada, we admire those qualities. So they get a feature.

The folktronic quintet will release their third LP (as yet untitled) on February 14. We have a stream of the single, Middle Aged Unicorn on Beach with Sunset, which is currently available on Itunes. Be sure to pick up a copy of their excellent 2009 release, Midnight Believer, and debut, Pisces vs. Aquarium.

Check out:

Alex & the Ramps – Middle Aged Unicorn on Beach with Sunset

Discover: Hunters

Brooklyn punks, Hunters, released the Hands on Fire EP this week. To get a picture of what to expect, imagine that Debbie Harry and Joey Ramone got together in 1977 and recorded an album produced by Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha. Well, part of that vision is true, although Iha would have been only 9 years old in 1977.  Ah but it’s 2011 and Iha’s mark is evident, as the EP has a Pumpkins-go-punk feel to it.

The interplay between principal players, Derek Watson and Isabel Almeida, is excellent. The tracks are tight and edgy, and they never veer off into the land of pop-punk, where so many bands go wrong. It’s a strong debut, and it’s nice to see Watson and Almeida maintain their energy live (see video below).

Check out: Headache [mp3]

Watch: Hunters performing Acid Head

Consider These

Halloween is nearly upon us, and we’ve received a few interesting submissions:

  • Folk artists Forest Mountain Hymnal released Fitcher’s Bird and Other Tales of the Macabre in honor of “their favorite holiday.” Fans of the Grimm Brothers’ or Edgar Allen Poe’s approach to horror will enjoy this.
    Check out:
    Forest Mountain Hymnal – The Ghost of John 

    Pick up: The Forest Mountain Hymnal – The Fitcher’s Bird and Other Tales of the Macabre
  • Brisbane’s Finger Fangs offer the EP, Nice Species, free on Bandcamp. Marked by loops of eerie percussion, scary voices, and horrific ambience, this set of recordings could easily serve as the background tracks of your Halloween party or haunted house.
    Check out:

Videos, videos, videos…

Aleks & The Ramps – Antique Limb

The Eversons – Hyacinth Girl

Edda MagnasonBlondie

REM – We All Go Back To Where We Belong



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