Guilty Ghosts Release “Veils”

A couple of weeks ago we featured Guilty Ghosts self-titled LP from 2010. In that feature, we also posted tracks from Guilty Ghosts‘ upcoming release, Veils. Well, it’s out now and better than anticipated. Marked by vast sonic soundscapes, it is a step above Tristan O’Donnell’s past work. Tracks by See Oleena and Guerre stand out, but the variety of material is a strength of this release.

The People You Love and The End Of Akira recall the guitar work of late 80’s Cure, but more whimsical. Picture a hummingbird as it stays still while fluttering its wings at an incomprehensible rate. In Our BookThe Great Malevolent Withholder and Top Prizefighter are cold, but lush, complex compositions. Maybe it’s related to mood, but the track The People You Love is powerfully resonant with breakbeats, pick-crested strings, and subtle arpeggios dotting it from start to finish. Instrumental work is not always easy to love, but Veils is.

Guilty Ghosts is offering Veils as a pay-what-you-want album through Bandcamp. Be sure to throw him a few bucks.

Overall: 84/100: [A recommended buy]

Check out: The People You Love

Pay-what-you-want/Stream: Veils



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