The New 10.25.11

MwahahaPoinsettia [mp3] (from Mwahaha, out Dec. 4)

We Can’t Enjoy OurselvesYour Darkest Thoughts Will Shine [mp3] (single; album One Belongs Here More Than You out now – name your price)

Wet IllustratedGypsy Town [mp3] (from 1x1x1, out Oct. 25)

Kimya Dawson (of the Moldy Peaches) – Driving Driving Driving [mp3] (from Thunder Thighs, out now)

Constant Supply Daft Quotes [mp3]

Bears – How To Live [mp3] (from Bears)

Zodiac Death Valley – La Razon [mp3] (from Zodiac Death Valley, out Nov. 8th)

Turf War – For the Last Time [mp3] (from Years of Living Dangerously)


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