Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 10.23.11

In this edition: Tate Eskew releases Semiotics, discover 2:54, get the new Frightened Rabbit EP, vintage sounds from The Smiths, and videos!

Pick Up On: Tate Eskew’s Semiotics

Semiotics is the latest recording from Nashville-based musician, Tate Eskew. On his Bandcamp page listeners are advised, “This album is probably not an album of immediate impact. This album is one you sit with, let it develop and surround you.” Despite Mr. Eskew’s modesty, this is a very good recording. It’s immediately gripping; repeated listening is not needed, but will occur.

Ambience is a useful device for Eskew. It’s featured prominently on the opener, Galesburg Drive, later on Read the Notes, and more subtly throughout the album. Eskew layers guitar tracks of ambient noise, sometimes cascading walls of noise. The last minute of I’m Taking Over is an excellent example of this technique. The opening of Robot is another. The instrumental, Skinner Road, crests with noise and atmosphere before drifting off wearily into silence.

Semiotics strikes a great balance between experimental and familiar. The ethereal, distant vocals of Comet Is Closer contrast well with the grinding compressed guitar chords that propel it. The confrontational Younger Brother captures the hazed out feel of the drug addict protagonist to whom the song is directed. The Mechanics of Remembrance is reminiscent of Dave Lowery’s work as Eskew wails with tortured angst over crunchy guitar chords.

Semiotics is a half-opened door asking you to look at what’s inside. Eskew’s drive for exceptionality keeps it accessible and interesting.

Score: 85/100 [a must buy for 2011-pick it up below ($6)]

Check out:

Tate Eskew – I’m Taking Over [mp3]

Tate Eskew – Catapult It Through Advertisement [mp3]

Purchase/Stream: Semiotics [Bandcamp]

Discover 2:54

Sisters, Hannah and Collette Thurlow front the London-based band, 2:54. Their dark indie pop is full of droning guitars, grinding bass, and brooding vocals. To this point, they’ve released three singles, and plan to release Scarlet (EP) on November 14.

Check out:
2:54 – Scarlet

2:54 – On A Wire

2:54 – Cold Front

Consider these…

  • Get a Frightened Rabbit EP free, when you sign up for their mailing list.
    Check out: Scottish Winds

  • Captain’s Dead has The Smith’s Cradle Snatchers, which is a combination of a Peel Session from 12/86 and outtakes from the Troy Tate Sessions. Get it here.
  • Speaking of The Smiths, isn’t about time that someone inducted them in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? They would top this year’s list of nominees.  Their omission is abominable.

Videos, videos, videos

2:54 – Scarlet

BellChase No Face

Figures – Velo

Monarchy – You Don’t Want To Dance With Me (feat. Britt Love)



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