Discover: Dare Dukes

Dare Dukes spent his life traversing the country and absorbing its culture and idiosyncrasies. A child of suburbia, he has the unique talent of identifying things of interest, even when faced with seemingly mundane circumstances. Now based in Savannah, Dare delivers his second album, Thugs and China Dolls, which he recorded in Athens with members of Modern Skirts, of Montreal, and TV on the Radio. The LP is slated for release in early January 2012.

We’re happy to present the single, Meet You At The Bus. Its plodding banjo and sad horns capture the oppressive humidity and sickeningly sweet smell of honeysuckle, transporting the listener to an odd meeting location in the deep south.

Check out: Meet You At The Bus [mp3]

See Dare Dukes:

October 20 – The Wormhole – Savannah, GA
November 5 – The Sentient Bean – Savannah, GA



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