The New 10.18.11

Boston Spaceships – Christmas Girl [mp3] (from Let It Beard, out now)

ARMSGlass Harmonica [mp3] (from Summer Skills, out Nov. 8th)

HospitalityFriends of Friends [mp3] (from Hospitality, out Jan. 31)


Inspired and the Sleep – While We’re Young (from Teenager, out soon)

Girl Names – Black Saturday [mp3] (single follow-up to this year’s debut Dead to Me)

Savaging Spires Apostrophe Lake [mp3] (from Savaging Spires)

The Morning Clouds Ends [mp3] (from Wasted Youth Blues EP)

Cate Le Bon – Put Me To Work [mp3]

Eight and a HalfScissors [mp3]

 Stripmall ArchitectureHollow Hello (4 song sampler)


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