Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 10.16.11

In this edition: A review of Silver Tongues’ Black Kite, Discover Born Gold and Coolrunnings, plus a great group of videos this week.

Album Review: Silver Tongues – Black Kite

Originally a solo project of David Cronin, Silver Tongues is a collective of artists from Louisville, KY. Their debut LP, Black Kite, is set to drop October 25 via Karate Body Records. Black Kite is a disparate set of tracks that appear to be a product of the unique circumstances that led to the formation of the band. It’s indicative of an organic process, trying to account for the inclusion of extra players and ideas. While the target constantly moves, Silver Tongues prove to be adept at genre hopping.

The heavy drums and chants of Highways have the feel of a funeral dirge. Ketchup and Black Kite recall Joshua Tree-era U2. Cronin’s entire soul bursts out of Ketchup as he wails and commands a piercing guitar. Black Kite is more meditative and deliberate in its delivery. Warsaw is the most powerful track on the album with its cascading violins, powerful harmonies and driving beats. Warsaw also marks the dividing point on this album, moving from modern rock to alt. country. The transition is a bit abrupt, but Cronin and company make the best of it.

The slow burn of Hope For is beautifully balanced with soft fingerpicking backed by pedal steel and a sweet fiddle finish. Distorted percussion, piano chords, and a killer blues riff in the break drive the slow groove of Wet Dog; a track reminiscent of Ryan Adams in his early days. The percussion and languid notes of Broken Strings make it the lone hybrid track on the album, as it draws inspiration from modern rock and alt. country. The album slows down with closers, Greater Times and Homes, which are borderline ballads.

Overall, Black Kite represents a very solid collaboration. The explosive synergy that exists throughout the album outweigh the shifts in identity, and offer a great base upon which to develop this emerging act.

Rating: 82/100 [a recommended buy for 2011]

Silver Tongues – Black Kite

Silver Tongues – Warsaw

Preview: Black Kite

Discover Born Gold

Edmonton’s Born Gold creates infectious electronic dance pop that’s sure to knock off a few calories. Formerly known as Gobble Gobble, Born Gold just wrapped up a major tour of the US and Canada. You can get their LP, Body Songs, as a free download through their website.

Check out:

Born Gold – Lawn Knives

Born Gold – End of Days

Born Gold – Alabaster Bodyworld

Discover Coolrunnings

photo by: Rebecca Kaufman

Coolrunnings uses grinding electronic beats, mixed with synth melodies, and reverb-filled vocals to create their driving sound. Early efforts seemed more party oriented, but with The Fool, the band shows it’s more than that. They’re on Dracula Horse and have several recordings available for free or pay-what-you-want. We feature their recent LP and two EPs below.

Check out:

Coolrunnings – The Fool [free download]

Download/Stream: Dracula Is Only The Beginning

Download/Stream: Buffalo EP

Download/Stream: Babes Forever EP

Videos, videos, videos…

BattlesnakeThe Cheshire Cat
free download of single here

Fanfarlo – De.con.struc.tion
details of their latest release here

High Places – Sophia
from Original Colors out now on Thrill Jockey

Benjamin Francis Leftwich Shine
from Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm out now

Oh Ye Denver Birds BirdsI Believe in Love, Kid
Check out the single and more

Peggy SueAll We Keep
from Acrobats out 10/25 on Yep Roc



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