On the Radar: Love Scenes

Bufallo’s Love Scenes make moody, pensive electronic music, built upon the sweetly serene voice and song-writing skills of Leah Loefke and the dense, expansive synths, guitars, and samples of TJ Grace.   Their music is tagged as ‘dance’, but many of the songs on their debut LP Classy Excuse for a Trashy Experience are spacious and idyllic, opting for simple melodies and lush arrangements instead of intense beats and bombastic vocals.  While the rhythms are strong, none of the tracks come off as ‘party music’.  Loefke ruminates on deep realizations that so easily slip away – “Let there be love in our eyes; sometimes we forget to be alive” she says in ‘Robot Despair’.  And in ‘Try’, “Just because you get out of bed, doesn’t mean you’re awake; just because your breathing, doesn’t mean you’re alive.”  ‘Insomnia’ is an outstanding track that showcases the band’s cavernous electronic sound.  We also offer ‘Apathy’ as an exemplar of their downtempo style.

Check Out: Insomnia [mp3]

Check Out: Apathy [mp3]

Stream/download (name your price): Classy Excuse for a Trashy Experience


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