Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 10.09.11

In this edition: We review the latest from The Farewell Circuit, Captain’s Dead has Wilco on All Songs Considered, Steve Jobs NY Times Obit, our most popular track of September, and VIDEOS!!!

REVIEW: Farewell Circuit – In Our Bones

For Fans of: Radiohead (Pablo Honey and Bends era), The Shins, Rain Parade

October 31 marks the digital release date of The Farewell Circuit’s third LP, In Our Bones. In an era where pervasive poverty, war, revolution, and uncertainty exist, The Farewell Circuit offers optimism and belief in humanity. In Our Bones is their most complete album to date, and marks a major step for the Minneapolis sextet.

The opening and closing tracks reflect the album’s title, but also encapsulate songs that reinforce modern humanist notions around the powers of love, hope, and the human spirit. It is buoyed by the contention that these powers exist within our bones, and this metaphor carries from the title track into the heart of the album. The closing reprise implores us to “abandon your arms, pick up the plow, sow the seeds of hope today.” In Our Bones acknowledges our mutual connections and dependence, as well as our frailty. It explores the depth of faith and resolve, and connects these to the strength of spirituality.  The title track and reprise bookend several tracks that cover these themes.

Altruism mixes with impeccable rhythm on Make It Right. The Light’s grinding guitars underscore a message of faith in humanity.  10.18.10 explores the themes of acceptance, loss, and the promise of the afterlife. Guard is simply beautiful, balancing self-doubt, with the promise of empowerment. Guard seamlessly fades into the instrumental, KDL, marking the highpoint of the album. An electronic rework of the track, Exodus, is a pleasant surprise. A song with powerful imagery, Exodus originally appeared on the Brother’s Eyes EP. It loses nothing in its reinterpretation.

On In Our Bones, The Farewell Circuit shakes the label of promising potential and embraces the status of full-fledged artists. The past flashes of brilliance yield to an effort that is ripe and balanced throughout. It is a coming of age.

SCORE: 86/100 [a 2011 must buy]

Check out: Make It Right [SoundCloud stream]

Watch: Guard (video by Ari Herstand)
reflections on his trip back to LA

Preview: In Our Bones [Bandcamp]

Consider These:

  • Captain’s Dead has Wilco live on All Songs Considered.  Despite Gregor’s disappointment in the band, I love the new album, The Whole Love.  It’s a nice rebound from Wilco (The Album).
  • The NY Times always does a nice job with obits and you should read the one that they published for Steve Jobs. What a legacy, we’ll miss his vision and sensibility.
  • Our most popular track of September:
    Major by Asteroids Galaxy Tour [mp3]

Videos, videos, videos

Jamie N Commons – The Preacher

EMA – Marked

Lord Huron – Mighty

The Novacaines – Trampled Hearts

Portugal The Man – So American



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