FRIDAY’s FREE FEATURE!!! : Wintercoats – Cathedral

The EP, Cathedral, from Melbourne violinist James Wallace (aka Wintercoats) fits the bill perfectly for me today. Listening to this EP accentuates the cool fall air. It’s delicate and understated, but demonstrates remarkable complexity as Wallace mixes ambient tones with subtle, rhythmic soundbites emanating from his violin. I wish more chillwave was like this.

The EP is only four tracks, but you can get other singles as well. Be sure to check out Spend This Day (highly recommended), and Delicate Position, which is a collaboration with Sea Oleena (who has managed to get into another Friday Free Feature).

Check out:

Windmill [mp3]

Cathedral [mp3]

Download/Stream: Cathedral EP [Bandcamp]

Download/Stream Delicate Position Single (w/Sea Oleena)

Download/Stream: Someone to Share My Life With Single

Download/Stream: Spend This Day Single

Happy Friday, y’all! 


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