Album Review: Young Circles – Jungle Habits

After many lineup, name, style, and sonic changes, Miami’s Young Circles have become wonderfully unsettled.  While we’ve come to expect euphonic art rock from stalwarts like Sonic Youth and Radiohead, it’s refreshing to hear a young band embrace this vibrant genre so successfully.  The songs on this year’s Bones EP and the new LP Jungle Habits flaunt freewheeling experimentalism, widely varied textures, and strange timbres.  The opening track on Jungle Habits – ‘Triangles’ – begins with pulsating distortion, introducing Jordy Asher’s boxy falsetto amongst vibrato electronic strings and simple drumming. He sings, “Light up and let the feeling move ya; a sound that threatens to consume ya; and you wanna feel life.  Match been put out – the spark is over, and now you dance a little slower; and you wanna feel life.” It’s the first sonic salvo, creating expectations of trippy, but catchy songs with atypical structure and instrumentation.

‘Devil’ is pure psychedelic soul with deep, alluring bass, consisting of vocal samples and fluid guitar reminiscent of Morphine.  ‘Asthmatic’ is propelled by a battery of percussion and opens with the menacing yet reserved line, “Hospital beds uncharted, hostile eclipses started, but we won’t get old, and we won’t go home.”  Freaky grooves can be found in ‘Jangala’, and  ‘2012’ & ‘Jungle Habits’ are raucous, experimental indie rock tunes that should be burning up college radio right now.  Bones is available for only $1 on bandcamp, and Jungle Habits is a bargain at $8.

Check Out: 2012 [mp3] (from Jungle Habits)

Lyrics: 18/20
Composition: 19/20
Musicianship: 17/20
Production: 18/20
Intangibles: 10/10
Originality: 9/10

Stream/Download ($1): Bones EP

Stream/Download($8): Jungle Habits

Watch: Sharp Teeth (from Bones EP)


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