Discover: Kiriyama Family

Kiriyama Family is an electronic dance pop band based in Reykjavik. Earlier this year, they released the single, Sneaky Boots. It’s a slick dance floor number with a terrific break. Guaranteed to make you shake your thang.

While recording their debut LP, the boys knocked off a super chill cover of Daft Punk’s, Something About Us. They shot the video using a homemade rotation device that pans around the recording studio. It’s introduced at the beginning of the video. If you pay careful attention, you can also learn how to say ‘shit’ in Icelandic. Never pass up the opportunity to learn profanity in a different language.

Kiriyama Family is playing the Icelandic Airwaves Festival on October 15, where they share the NASA stage with likes of Glasser and SBTRKT among others. It looks like a great festival; anyone care to send The Dadada crew to Iceland?  You can also catch them on KEXP, October 11 (11 AM GMT, 4:00 AM PST).

Check out: Sneaky Boots [mp3]

Watch: Something About Us (Daft Punk cover)

Watch: Sneaky Boots



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