In the spirit of full disclosure, I learned about Guilty Ghosts through a tweet about a new release, Everlasting Evening. Guilty Ghosts is the pseudonym for Brooklyn-based artist, Tristan O’Donnell. I did some background work and found that he released a self-titled long player last year; it is a post rock, instrumental album. The 2010 release features meditative pieces full of ambient soundscapes and drone. O’Donnell has it freely available through Bandcamp (see link below).

Everlasting Evening is more of the same, but polished and there’s a bit toward the middle where Sea Oleena contributes vocals. It’s fantastic. We’ll keep you up-to-date on their newest recording, Veils, but you’ll have to make due with what’s available right now:

Check out:

Everlasting Evening (from Veils)

Tinted Windows (featuring Guerre and from Veils)

End of Akira (from Veils)

Download/Stream – Guilty Ghost S/T LP [FREE download]

Happy Friday, y’all! 


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