Blogophilia Fall Mix 2011

Click here to download ZIP file with all tracks, cover art, and track listing.

1.     Izabo01 Life Is On My Side (from EP)
2.     1, 2, 302 Going Away Party (from The Chess Club EP)
3.     Le Butcherettes03 Henry Don’t Got Love (from SIN SIN SIN)
4.     Tiger Waves04 Funeral March (from Only Good Bands Have Animal Names)
5.     Jim Ward05 Broken Songs (from Quiet In the Valley, On the Shores the End Begins)
6.     Jack Littman06 Sinking Ship (from The Mixtape)
7.     Fleet Foxes07 Grown Ocean (from Helplessness Blues)
8.     Steel Phantoms08 Bedouin (from Forer EP)
9.     Baby Baby09 The Sandwich and I Thought We Were Friends (from Money)
10.   Fair Ohs 10 Baldesarri (from Everything Is Dancing)
11.   The Dirty Nil11 Fuckin’ Up Young (from Fuckin’ Up Young)
12.   Best Coast12 Gone Again (from Adult Swim Singles Program)
13.   Pepper Rabbit – 13 Rose Mary Stretch (from Rosemary Stretch EP)
14.   Sleeping Bag14 Slime (from Sleeping Bag)
15.   Musikanto15 Every Which Way (from Sky of Dresses)
16.   Family Lumber16 No Worries (from Look to the Sidelines EP)
17.   Carter Tanton17 Horrorscope (from Freeclouds)
18.   Nerves Junior18 As Bright As Your Nightlight (from As Bright As Your Nightlight)
19.   The Lightouts19 All I Want_Heroes (from The Eloise Suite Single)
20.   Southerly20 Suffer (from Youth)
21.   Plates of Cake21 As If The Choice Were Mine (from As If the Choice Were Mine)

Click here to downoadcover art & track listing in WORD file.


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