Live from Greenville, NC: High & Risin’

The image of a river is often a metaphor used to represent life or one’s life path. It’s easy to envision, especially when considering where we started, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Very few of our lives flow straight. There’s the occasional meandering for some, and a series of serpentine tracks for others.

The story of High & Risin’ represents a confluence of streams. Some originating here in North Carolina, while others criss cross the country from as far west as California. The five-piece band draws from these vast and deep rivers songs in the traditions of old time, bluegrass, country, blues, classic rock and punk to carve out a special niche in our local music scene.  This outfit of vagabonds and scholars came together socially, forging their bond through jam sessions, and eventually, a weekly gig. Working from a shared set of covers and traditional songs, High & Risin’ now has several original songs in their live set. We share one today, Wood & Steel.

Greenvilleans, you can catch Travas, Karen, Kevin, Chris and Dave at the Armadillo Grill in downtown Greenville, where they play every Sunday from 6-8 pm.  Their gigs are family friendly, and the ‘Dillo serves the community function of old time Public House–a place where good food, good music, and good friends converge.

High & Risin’ is also playing locally at these venues and events:

9/15 at the Coffee Shack in Winterville
9/28 at the Umbrella Market in Downtown Greenville
9/29 at R.A. Fountain General Store in Fountain
10/8 at the Pitt County Fair in Greenville

Check out:

Wood & Steel


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