The New 09.13.11

Kurt VileThe Creature [mp3] (from So Outta Reach EP, out Nov 8th)

The Secret Whistle
Perdido [mp3] (from Capturing Something, out Sept. 27)

Carter TantonHorrorscope [mp3] (from Freeclouds, out Nov. 15)

Family LumberNo Worries [mp3] (from Look to the Sidelines EP, out now)

Robin BaciorOhio [mp3] (from Rest Our Wings, out Nov. 1)

The War on DrugsSnake Tongues [mp3] (from Slave Ambient, out now)

Le ButcherettesHenry Dont Got Love [mp3] (from Sin Sin Sin, out now)

Ski Lodge – I Would Die To Be [stream/download]

The Pizza Thieves – Real American Boy [stream] (from Hippopotamus, out Oct. 25)


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