Friday Free Feature: Steel Phantoms

Brooklyn’s Steel Phantoms make smart, confident indie rock with a masterful mix of guitar, keys, bass, and drums.  The songs on their latest EP, Forer, include tasteful dashes of organ, moog , and heaps of tom-tom.  Guitarist Jesse Newkirk IV shines, whether spouting simple, echoing melodies (as on ‘Floodlight’ and ‘Danger Wave’) or screeching chorus surf (as on ‘Short Stuff’).  Those lamenting the demise of Beta Band will find respite in the song ‘Slow Loris’.  The Forer EP can be streamed on bandcamp or downloaded for free at the Steel Phantoms website.

Check Out: Bedouin [mp3]

Stream: Forer EP

Watch: ‘Film Reel Quiver’


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