On the Radar: Banned Books

Philly’s Banned Books brandish the experimental freak rock.  In their own words, “We are a magickal music group/band AKA philharmonic rockestra AKA feedback plz kthx. And now, if you’d kindly allow us to fuck your ears with our collective sonic cock.”  The bizarre timing signatures, tenacious rhythms, and strangely jubilant lyrics/vocals are reminiscent of Vancouver’s NoMeansNo.  The EP Man Maker is available via bandcamp – name your price.  The opening track ‘Intergalactic Singalong’ is aptly titled, inducing monolithic astral delight.  ‘Human Head’ crosses somewhere between Sonic Youth and The Residents, while staying on the weird side of the street.  Their new track ‘Malio’, streaming on soundcloud, is a percussion-heavy, distortion-embracing rebuke.

Check Out: new song ‘Malio’ by Banned Books

Purchase (name your price)/Stream: Man Maker EP


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