The New 9.06.11

Labyrinth EarAmber [mp3] (from upcoming EP, release date TBD)
Blissed-out electro-pop from London.

Gem ClubTwins [mp3] (from Breakers, out Sept. 27)
Wistful dream pop for piano and cello.

Lid EmbaDawning [mp3] (from Terminal Muse: Blue, out now)
From Atlanta comes intense electronica with jagged edges.

The MigrantThe Hurricane [mp3] (from Amerika, out Oct. 26)
Beautiful, ominous track w/ vivid imagery – a tribute to Hurricane Irene.

The Gifted ChildrenDark Heart [mp3] (from The Portable Sun, out now)
Melancholic indie rock with a whammy (pedal, that is).

The Japanese War EffortSummer Sun Skateboard [mp3] (from Surrender to Summer)
Mesmerizing acid pop akin to the Flaming Lips.

Richard SwiftWhitman [mp3] (from Walt Wolfman EP, out Oct. 18)
Freak folk tribute to the great American poet.

Sea PinksFountainTesserae [mp3] (from Dead Seas, out Today)
Bouncy retro rock from Belfast.

Trwbador – Sun in the Winter [mp3] (from Sun in the Winter EP)
Welsh avant garde pop.


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