Sunday Ramblings & Considerations 09.04.11

In this edition: Soft Bullets on the radar; a preview of the latest from Dhani Harrison’s band, thenewno2; Wilco streams The Whole Love; The Lightouts perform in studio at BreakThru Radio; Painted Palms featured in The Neighborhood; and VIDEOS!

On the Radar: Soft Bullets

Former Air Traffic vocalist and pianist, Chris Wall is heading a new band, Soft Bullets. The band is rounded out by Dan Capaldi (drums), Mike Caminiti (guitar), and Pete Genova (bass).  Soft Bullets owes a nod to Radiohead, from whom Wall admits deriving influence. However, Soft Bullets is a bit more “pop accessible” than the iconic UK band, steering clear of the guitar heavy sound that marked Wall’s former outfit. The releases to this point are gripping, and undeniably good.

The band currently has three “demo’ tracks, two of which appear to be in shape for release: Rescue Radio, and the poignant, Posterity. You can download Rescue Radio below, also check out the skateboard video on which it serves as the soundtrack. There are two videos for Posterity, which might seem like a bit of overkill, but each performance is different enough to warrant posting both.

Let’s hope that we’ll be hearing more choice tunes from Soft Bullets soon.

Check out:
Rescue Radio [mp3]

Watch: “Killian Martin – A Skate Illustration” (set to Rescue Radio)

Watch: Posterity (Live Acoustic)

Watch: Posterity (Live impromptu performance)

Dhani Harrison and thenewno2 set to release EP002

Walking in the footsteps of a famous parent can be a difficult situation, but it appears that Dhani Harrison is up to the task.  Since George Harrison’s death ten years ago, Dhani has solidified his place in modern rock.

In 2002, he helped Jeff Lynne complete his father’s final recording, Brainwashed. Shortly after that, he participated in the Concert for George, which was a who’s who of classic rock artists who befriended the former Beatle. He then help form thenewno2, which released their fine debut, You Are Here, in 2008. It received positive critical reviews from the likes of Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot, who also hosted the band on the set of Sound Opinions in 2009.

thenewno2 is back with EP002. Set for a 9/27 release on HOT records, they’ve shared two tracks: Live A Lie, which features Regina Spektor on backing vocals, and Mr. President, with contributions from RZA, Crisis and Sir Eyes.

Check out:

Live A Lie (ft. Regina Spektor) [mp3]

Mr. President (ft. RZA, Crisis and Sir Eyes) [stream]

Stream: Mr. President plus tracks from You Are Here

Consider These

  • In case you haven’t heard, Wilco streamed their latest album, The Whole Love, which ended at noon today. It’s very good (said with eyes squinted a la Bobby Deniro). Hope you had a chance to hear it.
  • The guys from Lightouts were featured this week on BreakThru Radio, where they played Only the Smart Ones. Watch it:

  • Painted Palms were featured in a new series called The Neighborhood, which is a production between Audyssey + Yours Truly. The video shows a house performance along with interviews from their South Market (San Francisco) neighborhood. Watch it:

Videos, videos, videos…

Liz Green – Displacement Song

Anthem Facility – Trace

Destroyer – Savage Night at the Opera

TV on the Radio – Second Song

Blitzen Trapper – Love the Way You Walk Away

Cheers… and Happy Labor Day!


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