Son of the Sun shine on “Almost Not There”

Buffalo-based Son of the Sun have released their latest EP, Almost Not There. Adding a bit of psychedelia, a dash of swamp boogie, and a jigger of 80’s college radio, they concoct a recipe of sonic goodness. There’s a nice range of compositions too, from the big hooks and vintage licks of As Far As Lucy to the slow groove of Fruit Jar to the trippy, Yardbirds bounce of Henry’s England. 

Son of the Sun just released the video (see below) for the single, My Best Mistake, which they’re offering as a free download. We’re also featuring the soulful, 10,000. If you like your power pop with an edge, you need to pick up this recording.

Rating: 88/100 (a definite BUY!)

Check out:

10,000 [mp3]

Watch: My Best Mistake

Purchase/Stream: Almost Not There



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