Lightouts are back with “The Eloise Suite”

Back in May we featured Lightouts, who hail from the Gowanus area of Brooklyn.  Well, Greg and Gavin are back at it with The Eloise Suite, which is full of crunchy power chords and beats per minute that inspire movement. It recalls the early nineties rock era when radio was actually enjoyable.

Back in the day this would be known as a maxi-single, because of its two b-sides. B-side numero uno is a bouncy ditty entitled Dress Shop, and is reminiscent of late era David Bowie. Bowie serves as inspiration for the second b-side, which is a mash-up melody of the Thin White Duke’s Heroes with All I Want by LCD Soundsystem. Kudos to Lightouts for linking the two songs, which work surprisingly well together.

Check out: The Eloise Suite [with mp3 download]



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