Rain from the Cloud – 09.01.11

We’ve had enough rain here in Greenville to last us awhile, so we offer rain from a different cloud. A bit slow this week, but here’s a few we like:

The City and HorsesWe Will Never Be Discovered

The title of this slacker anthem screams “Brooklyn Hipster” but its heavy hook, wonky arrangement (flute, horns), and mantra of pessimism is too irresistible to ignore.  You need to check out the video too. I love it when people remember that making music is about having fun. I can’t wait to hear more from Mr. Marc.

Crooked FingersTyphoon

Psyched to hear something new from the Eric Bachmann-led project. Typhoon is sparse, straight forward stuff that will draw even more comparisons of Bachmann to Springsteen. Breaks in the Armor, is set for release on 10/11 on Merge Records.

Mathieu SantosNorthern Mentality

The bass player from Ra Ra Riot unleashed his solo debut, Massachusetts 2010, on August 2. It’s great when a member of an established band steps out and shows something different. A pervasive heavy bass line, horns, and slow groove will make you hit the repeat button.  My buddy, Malves, is psyched that a hockey loving person of Portuguese descent has a cool album out.

Sweet BabooThe Day I Lost My Voice

Jangly guitars, loops and multitrack heavy, but a sweet end of the summer song. It’s no surprise that Stephen Black cites Woods, Real Estate, and Ducktails as inspiration for the album, Girl Under A Tree.



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