You Need Leisure

Leisure is something we should all aspire to have, and apparently a popular band name. Currently, there are bands on opposite sides of the Atlantic that claim the name, Leisure.

East of London exists Leisure(.) from the hamlet of Whitstable. They’re a nifty Britpop band featured recently on the BBC 6 show: Introducing with Tom Robinson. The other (Leisure +) is from Cambridge, Massachusetts and is more typical of American indie pop with experimental leanings. Each is pretty cool.

I would like to differentiate each based on British or American dialect. When I speak of the UK band, I prefer to use the British pronunciation, lez-ure. The Americans, lee-zure. Easy enough, eh?

Listen to each, and then vote in our poll to determine if one band really deserves to have the name or if we continue the policy of dialectical differences. It’s all in good fun.

Check out: Leisure (UK)

Heathrow Thru-Flow (free download on Bandcamp)

Seven Seas

Check out: Leisure (US)

[free downloads on Bandcamp]

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