Friday’s FREE Feature!!!: Tsars – Whispers (EP)

Tsars is an indie rock band out of the UK, who formed early this year in London.  This four-piece outfit shows uncanny chemistry, given their short time together.

The Whisper EP is full of bright, jangly guitars and active beats that are reminiscent of early Libertines.  The title track starts off frenetically and then shifts to a more placid, pensive pace. Reflections is the brightest and most accessible track on the album, and one worthy of air play on BBC 6. Hard Times Ahead broods, but maintains the bouncy rhythms that are characteristic of this band. The darkest track on the EP is Coma, which plods along pensively until the break, when a fantastic climax of drums and crunchy guitars assaults your ears.

Go get an ear full of Tsars this Friday.

Check out:

Hard Times Ahead

Download/Stream [Bandcamp]

Happy Friday, Y’all! Stay dry, NC…we’re in for it tomorrow. 


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