On the Radar: the capstan shafts

Deans Wells is a self-professed purveyor of scuzzpop.  He is prolific. He aspires to the “outsider music” of Houston atonal folk/blues artist jandek. As the capstan shafts, he produces imaginative fuzz rock with monolithic vision, playing most instruments himself (and I’m certain providing a watchful eye over necessary collaborators – i.e. the “real drummer” that appears on this record).  The most obvious comparison is Guided by Voices, and while capstan shafts does bear hallmarks of lo-fi pop, inexplicable quasi-British accent, and outlandish song titles (e.g. ‘porn name equations’, ‘she’s kind empires’), the music is generally warmer and the lyrics less academic (at least what I can make out).  the capstan shafts excel at layers of dinging guitar over simple, driving indie rock beats (‘degenerate era sweetheart’, ‘come wilder’), but also dabble in experimentalism (the schizophrenic ‘hating on the fleshless days’) – all delivered with brevity (max song length is 2:16).  The album kind empires is very good; check it out.

Check Out: like theme from ‘arthouse floozy’ [mp3]

Check Out: calender smack [mp3]

Download or Stream: kind empires


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