Sunday Ramblings & Considerations 08.21.11

In this edition: Our friend Tsuru has new mixtape to share, discover Family, FOPS on the radar, weekly considerations, and lots and lots of videos!

Aaron (aka Tsuru) of Tsuruphoto makes a Mixtape

cover by: Tsurufoto

Our good friend, Aaron has made a mixtape to share with you. For many years, he ran the site, Tsururadio, which was an incredible bouillabaisse of mixtapes, reviews, diatribes, photos, and other sundry tidbits that made it more than just a music blog. He’s also been super supportive of other bloggers, and that includes this little site.

So when he announced a mixtape this morning, I thought, “Perfect!”  His last post for Tsururadio was a superb mix, and I am looking forward to ripping this before heading out on a two hour drive today.

Check out the mixtape and Tsuru’s new site Tsurufoto while you are there.

Discover Family

All this week, I’ve been listening to a relatively obscure band based out of London. Family (aka FAMY) creates emotive, folk-inspired songs that are reminiscent of early Grizzly Bear and Frightened Rabbit. They’ve released a set of eight demos that are dispersed among three releases entitled Family, Family II, and Family III on Bandcamp.  Their sound is driven by tortured vocals, a prominent ukulele, and delicate arrangements of strings and percussion. For a limited time, all eight demo tracks are freely available on SoundCloud.

Check out:

Baba from Family III

Mother Benita from Family

Eileen from Family 

Arjun from Family II

Watch: their DIY video for the track Barbie Girls, below in Videos, videos, videos…

On the Radar: Fops

Fops will be releasing the For Centuries EP through Monotreme Records on September 5. Tracks on this EP were recorded during the sessions for Yeth Yeth Yeth (2010), which is the band’s first LP. On Yeth Yeth Yeth, Dee Kesler (Thee More Shallows) and Chadwick Bidwell (Ral Partha) drew inspiration from 80’s era new wave and post punk music. Expect more of that on For Centuries. The first single, Cheater Carolina, is a delightful bit of lo-fi shoegaze material, which you can preview below.

Fops is also promoting a contest where fans get to choose the song and storyline of a video made by the band for any of the songs from For Centuries, aside from Cheater Carolina.  If interested, email a proof of purchase (of a single track or the whole EP) to fopsvideocontest AT gmail DOT com.  All submissions are due by October 1st 2011.

Check out:

Cheater Carolina

Consider these:

Jeff Mangum’s 8/13 performance at Trinity St. Paul’s in Toronto is available for download at Southern Souls. While you’re there, check out Chad VanGaalen‘s street performance–good stuff!

Pitchfork reports that Krist Novoselic and some Seattle pals will perform Nevermind to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release.

Black Lips teams up with the folks at RCRDLBL to produce a mixtape featuring artists from the “grimier” side of life… Not sure that adjective is warranted; nevertheless it’s an excellent mixtape.  Get it here.

Videos, videos, videos…

Echo Lake – Breathe Deep

Family (FAMY) – Barbie Girls

FOPS – Yellow Jacket Corpse

Marissa Nadler – Alabaster Queen

The Naked and the Famous – The Sun

The National – Exile Vilify (contestant video)

SBTRKT – Wildfire (feat. Yukimi Nagano)


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