Rain from the Cloud 08.18.11

Cass McCombsThe Same Thing
from Humor Risk (Domino) out 11/8
–An interesting track that mixes lo fi with 60’s style psychedelia

Gross Magic Sweetest Touch from Teen Jamz EP out now
–Glam throwback, Sam McGarrigle draws the connection between Marc Bolan and Kurt Cobain on his Teen Jamz EP

Male BondingTame the Sun from Endless Now (Subpop) out 8/30
This sounds like a band that belongs on Subpop: big fat guitars, pounding drums, tripped out vocals…cool stuff

OutfitVehicles and Every Night… (Double Denim) out now
–These Liverpudlians get attention for their “dark synth pop” but it’s the arrangement that deserves attention–very well developed, they’ve carved a niche.


–Every Night I Dress Up As You

Twin SisterGene Ciampi from In Heaven (Domino) out 9/27
–There’s already a big stir about this new album by Twin Sister, who continue to amaze while searching for an identity


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