Pet – “What You Building?”

Identity crisis is something most people will experience at least once in their life. It can be a minor disturbance or it can paralyze you. In the case of Pet‘s What You Building?, you sense the latter has occurred.  The odd time signature and omnipresent rhythm and bass pattern contribute to the melancholy mood of this track. The break in this song is fantastic, and makes palpable the profound realization experienced by the song’s protagonist. This track is sneaky good, as it lulls you into a complacent stupor before dropping a bomb.

Two other tracks are offered with this single. Magnetic is a punchy number driven by a steady bass line, crunchy guitars, and easy harmonies. The closer, What You Re-building?, creatively backmasks the title track and has a trippy, ascendant feel.

Pet is a five-piece outfit from Edinburgh who describe their music as “heavy feather pop.” Whatever they call it, it works.  What You Building? is available through Bandcamp, where you can pay what you want.

Check out:

What You Building? [stream]

Magnetic [stream]

Stream/Download: What You Building EP [Bandcamp]



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