The New 08.16.11

Some NEW for you:

The TravellersWaiting [mp3] (Expat Records)
Enchanting indie pop with clean production and Catatonic female vocals.

Pterodactyl School Glue [mp3] (from Spills Out, out Nov 2011)
Jittery noise rock with melodic hooks.

Black Light White LightGlorious Bastards [mp3] (from Infrared Daylight, out Sept 2011)
Highly polished psychedelic rock from Copenhagen.

Room 342Pretty Redhead [mp3]
A group of freshman from Boston’s Berklee School of Music doing organ-based indie pop.

The Bloody HolliesDirty Sex [mp3] (from Yours Until the Bitter End (Alive Records), out Sept 2011)
Slick barroom blues from sunny CA.

Sick FiguresGraveyard Swagger [mp3] (from Two Ghosts (Stick Figure Recordings), out Sept 2011)
Vaudevillian party music that crosses between Beck and Tom Waits.

Something FierceAfghani Sands [mp3] (from Don’t Be So Cruel (Dirtnap records), out now)
Houston band with heady drive of later period Clash (touring US with Cute Lepers).

Tim Cohen’s Magic TrickDaylight Moon [mp3] (from The Glad Birth of Love (Empty Cellar Records), out 23 Aug 2011)
Former front man of San Francisco’s Fresh & Onlys, Tim Cohen makes psychedelic pop that sounds like a chic version of Syd Barrett.

Beat RadioEveryone’s Starting Over (diggs cover) [mp3] (from Teenage Anthems, out now)
Dreamy pop that evokes the delicate calm of night driving and waking up from a nap in the warm sun.

MF/MB/  – The Grand Chase [mp3] (from Folded, out now)
Brooding electronica from Sweden.


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