On the Radar: Marlon Rando

“Rando” is slang for random, typically referring to an uninvited party guest with wicked intent.  Following the recent trend of clever celebrity name puns (e.g., Ringo Deathstarr, Truman Peyote), New York duo Marlon Rando employ a familiar recipe of reverberating guitar fuzz & fat snare drum;  this approach is what you might expect where you to randomly draw from the general population of musical duos.  Marlon Rando’s brand for raw, energetic “bop & roll”, however, rises above the fray.  Singer/guitarist Greg Timmes has a particularly saucy guitar sound and his adenoid vocals harbor the mysterious essence of nerd-psychedelia.  Drummer Jeff Wilkins maintains pounding rhythms that nicely complement Timmes’ guitar atmospherics.  The hilarious album art successfully captures the album’s themes of monsters & revenge within the context of 50s bop (and looks like it was rendered during second period history class!). The Marlon Rando EP is available as a free download on bandcamp.

Check Out: Safe & Sound [mp3]

Download or Stream: Marlon Rando EP


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