FRIDAY’S FREE FEATURE!!!! Il abanico – Crossing Colors

Il Abanico is a band founded by a Columbian duo, Juliana Ronderos (vocals) and Nicolas Losada (guitar).  The name, Il Abanico, is a mashing of romantic languages with il meaning ‘the’ in Italian, and abanico, ‘fan’, in Spanish.  The music on the Crossing Colors EP can be described as a ‘mashing’ of sorts as it combines Latin-based grooves with Western notions of pop, indie rock, and experimental music.  Crossing Colors is an explosive fusion of these styles that leave an oddly beautiful confluence of sound into which one is hopelessly drawn. The tracks, Solo and The Light best exemplify this description:

Il abanico – Solo

Il abanico – The Light

This is an excellent debut, as the entire EP is full of lush, original compositions. The partnership between Ronderos and Losada is built on clear strengths. Juliana’s lilting vocals hover above beautifully complex riffs played by Nicolas. It’s a wonderful pairing that expanded with the recording of Crossing Colors.

To record the EP, Ronderos and Losada enlisted Miguel Arroyo (Guitar), Ale Giuliani (Drums and percussion), and Sayuri Shimada (Bass).  These new members provide a solid backbone for the band, and contribute to its international status as the three are respectively from Peru, Argentina, and Japan. Based in Boston, the quintet are embarking on a tour of 20 U.S. cities to support the CD/vinyl release of the EP. Il abanico plan to announce dates soon on their Facebook page.

Stream/Download: Crossing Colors [Bandcamp]

Happy Friday, y’all!


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