Benoit Fiset (AKA BIRDRIDER) is the visually inclined black sheep of a musical family from Quebec.  The former Muscovite art director, however, takes tuneful flight on his debut album RIGHT WINGRIGHT WING (and just-released companion album LEFT WING) is the result of a three-year musical odyssey during which Fiset honed his craft and embraced live instrumentation (in place of electronics) in Russian clubs & festivals.  More than anything I’ve heard recently, RIGHT WING captures the joy of expression found in a new voice.

The first track on RIGHT WING ‘Did You Call Her?’ opens with enchanting, tantric harmonies and punching bass, which launch a rollicking repastination of romantic regret in tandem with piano, guitar, and drums.  ‘I’m Flying’ is an addictive camp fire song that finds delight in resignation.  Biset offers a mutated reprise of the Police’s ‘Every Breath You Take’ in ‘Love Didn’t Die Out’.  ‘You Behave Like a Child’ is a jubilant pop song reminiscent of Davendra Banhart’s finer moments.   ‘Grooviest Waiting Room Ever’ provides a distressed glimpse into Fiset’s song-writing process, and ‘Pack’ sounds like it was lifted (roto-toms and all) off of an 80’s action movie soundtrack.  Replete with vibrant vocal harmonies, engaging melodies, crunching guitars, and enthralling compositions, there is not a bad track on RIGHT WING.  Overall, the music of BIRDRIDER embodies the ethos of the Flaming Lips’ acid rock at its spiritual zenith and the quirky intrigue that made the Talking Heads art house favorites.  RIGHT WING is highly recommended; I look forward to devouring the newly released LEFT WING.

Check Out: Did You Call Her? [mp3] (also featured on thedadada.com compliation Something for Later Volume 3)

Watch: You Behave Like a Child

Watch: I’m Flying

Stream or Download: RIGHT WING

Stream or Download: LEFT WING


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