Friday’s Free Feature: Heparin & Saline by Vacant Fever

Vacant Fever is a two-piece outfit (guitar/drums) from Seattle who are offering the LP, Heparin and Saline, on Bandcamp and SoundCloud (AAC version). It’s an impressive debut from this duo who are steeped in modern and alternative rock traditions.

The opener, You Shouldn’t Let Poets Lie to You, hearkens back to that city’s grunge era.  One could easily imagine this track as something off the Singles soundtrack.  Early in Singles, Campbell Scott spends his time wading through clubs where loud, buzzing guitars complement the endless drone of morose frontmen.  It’s easy to envision Vacant Fever fitting into this scene.

However, the band shirks defining themselves in a particular genre, and their approach to other tracks reflects this. For example, A Hospital Isn’t A Place combines elements of modern rock and jangle pop.  Heparin & Saline is reminiscent of the alt. rock age that preceded grunge. Hide the Knife is a hauntingly beautiful mix of grunge and psychedelia. I Die Everynight is straight up, tripped out, psychedelic rock that would make Syd Barrett smile.

This not ‘just another’ wannabe Seattle band.  These guys have chops, and really reflect influences from a 40 year period of modern rock music.  If anything, Vacant Fever represent an evolution of the sound that made Seattle famous, and more good news–we’ll be getting new stuff from them soon.

After finishing a tour through the states in May and June, DMM and Leon Spinx (who don’t want you to know much about them. They’re a little too young to be evading taxes?) are back in the studio and hoping to tour following their next release. 

Check out:

You Shouldn’t Let Poets Lie To You [mp3]

Heparin & Saline [mp3]

Download/Steam: Heparin & Saline [Bandcamp]

Happy Friday, Y’all!


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