Blogophilia 28

It’s taken more time than usual, but it’s finally ready…

Blogophilia 28 represents tracks compiled from April through mid May, and was rendered down while finishing work in U.S., and traveling to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.  That stated, the only real excuse for its delay is that I was pretty busy.  Look for 29 soon!

This is a mix where nearly all of the artists are new to the Blogophilia series.  The only returnees are Vetiver and Starfucker.  It’s hard to believe we never had a Sebadoh track. Enjoy!

Blogophilia 28
Promotional MP3s collected from blogs April thru mid-May 2011

Ripped @ 320 kbps VBR
Gapless Mix
Download all tracks in one zip file

Tracklist (Song Title/Artist):

01 All of Us – Painted Palms
02 Bury Us Alive – Starfucker
03 Please Stay – Summer Heart
04 Can’t You Tell – Vetiver
05 Blood on the Sand – Ganglians
06 Breakin – Baby Baby
07 Leroy – Hammer No More the Fingers
08 The Key & The Rose – I Was Totally Destroying It
09 Happy Banjo – Dark Mean
10 Take Me Home – Germany Germany
11 Touching Down – Therapies Son
12 Landfill – Daughter
13 Daylight Machine – Stripmall Architecture
14 Virgin Evil – El Obo
15 Lament – Mount Moriah
16 Operator – Code Pie
17 Rebound – Sebadoh
18 Mission – Dolphins
19 Morning Son – Country Mice
20 Used To Be– The Shivers
21 Something Hiding in the Night for – Wooden Sky
22 For 12 – Other Lives



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