Friday Free Feature: Phantom Power

Phantom Power is the name given to DC current transmitted through signal communication lines – it can be used operate microphones that contain active electronic circuitry.  It is thus an intriguing and suitable moniker for a trio of studio wizards that dabble in sub-indie, chillwave (or “sub-wave”).  It’s somewhat ironic that vocals are not a prominent part of the derived atmosphere, being buried so low in the mix to be almost indiscernible.  But the sub-wave is solid – like Burial without neuroses or Cut Copy without the glee.   These prodigious New Yorkers have put out more than a handful of chill experiments in the past couple of years, and most are available for free on bandcamp.  If you’re in the mood for lounge psychedelia (and who wouldn’t be in this heat?) check out FUCK. and the rest of Phantom Power’s catalog.

 Check Out: 2005 Suicide [mp3]

Check Out: Downshift [mp3]

 Download or Stream: Phantom Power – FUCK.


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