Presenting: The Miami

The press kit for The Miami’s I’ll Be Who You Want Me to Be describes the album as “An exploration of traditional American lyrical poetry, mainly African-American (slave songs, gospel hymns, spirituals) reinterpreted by two middle-class, secular, well-educated college kids; a genuine clash of culture.”

This isn’t for everyone; it’s certainly not conventional indie rock.  But, if you like folktronic noise experiments (along the lines of the Microphones, Bright Eyes, Crooked Fingers, and Richard Youngs, but with more emphasis on NOISE and a warm embrace of mis-tuning), you may very well enjoy this record.  The low-fidelity, gritty electronic approach renders these traditional songs in a new light.  The only song I recognize by name, ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’, is otherwise unrecognizable.  But the yearning and devotion of the songs shine through.  The album is available as free download on bandcamp – click here.

 Check Out: If He Changed My Name [mp3]

 Check Out: Strange Fruit [mp3]

Download  or Stream: I’ll Be Who You Want Me to Be


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