The New 07.19.11

 This week’s new songs includes Eleanor Friedberger (of the Fiery Furnaces), Musikanto, WU LYF, Steven Malkmus & the Jicks, and others:

Eleanor Friedberger My Mistakes – [mp3] (from Last Summer)

MusikantoEvery Which Way [mp3] (from Sky of Dresses, out August 2)

WU LYFDirt [mp3] (from Go Tell Fire to the Mountain)

Steven Malkmus & the JicksTigers [mp3] (from Mirror Traffic, out August 23rd)

Buffalo KillersLove Is Gold (outake) [mp3] and Circle Day [mp3] (from #3)

The Tribe & Big CatsWe Gone ft. MaLLy and Claire Taubenhaus [mp3] (from single series Make Good)

ContinentsThe Perfect Circle [mp3] (from Spiriting)

All the ApparatusLet’s Go Ride Bikes [mp3] and Portland Rose [mp3] (from All the Apparatus)

Daniel Isaiah – The Naked Night [mp3] and High Twilight [mp3] (from High Twilight)

Army Navy The Long Goodbye [mp3] (from The Last Place)

Pink SkullBee Nose [mp3] (from Psychic Welfare, out August 13))


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