Sunday Ramblings & Considerations 07.17.11

In this edition: New George Harrison Documentary and book; Okkervil River on World Cafe; videos from Battlekat, Stripmall Arhictecture, Vandaveer, the Poison Control Center, and others

George Harrison as seen by Martin Scorsese: Click here for details on the forthcoming Living in the Material World.

I guess I could say that I hope and expect this Scorcese Bio-doc treatment will be even better than No Direction Home.

I think this one will be less about folk tradition and self-invention and  more about self-discovery, “The Inner Light” as George once called one of his songs.

Most folks regard “Something” as Harrison’s best song with the Beatles. And yes, it’s pretty. I prefer “If I Needed Someone, “I Need You,” “Savoy Truffle,” and of course “While My Guitar gently Weeps.”

But have you listened to “Here Comes the Sun?” Don’t confuse it with Paul’s “Good Day Sunshine.” That’s a pleasant, upbeat jaunty pop.

In “Here Comes the Sun,” Harrison tackles the deepest kind of grief and focuses on the moment of living through it. The narrator is a person who, to his surprise, wakes up happy one morning, after a year (or years) of crippling bad depression, grief, loss, darkness.This is an amazingly mature work, one that stuns me every time I revisit it. Sometimes I cry.

George was wry, yet beautiful. I would enjoy learning how Scorcese explains Harrison’s Beatles work compared to his solo output. They don’t sound the same. George’s guitar style changes completely. He was different, too.The lead guitarist turned into a charity organizer. That’s the journey I’m eager to learn about.

I miss the George who sang us, “Blow Away.”

All I got to do is to love you
All I got to be is be happy
All it’s got to take is some warmth
To make it blow away, blow away, blow away

I want that guy on my team, on my side. I want that guy as my guru.

There’s a song on his posthumous LP, Brainwashed, called “Marwa Blues.” It makes me cry almost every time.


Consider these:

— Okkervil River made an appearance on NPR’s World Cafe: Click here to check it out.

— Rate the Rock Star’s offspring here.

— Jack White and Black Milk: here

Videos, Videos, Videos…

Battlekat – He Didn’t Want A Love Song

Stripmall Architecture – Ownsome

Vandaveer – The Great Gray

the Poison Control Center – Dracula’s Casket

My Tiger My Timing – Endless Summer

Le Galaxie – Midnight Midnight

Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies – July

Sarah Jarosz performs Decemberists’ “Shankill Butchers” Live at Waterloo!

Miranda Lee Richards


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