On the Radar: QTheSuit

From Coventry, UK comes Qthe Suit, a duo subset of live act The Suit Corps focusing on dance/electro studio tunes. As they describe their approach, “ It’s a good ole fashioned Bond-esque disco dance tune,” except with “MASSIVE GUITARS IN IT!”

 The song “V6” is a little bit Daft Punk (in its dedication to mission), a little bit Art of Noise (in its charm and grace), a little bit John Barry (for obvious reasons). The beats/string/electro-buzz mix has a weird glide to it, instantly familiar yet fresh. It builds consistently and is just begging to be snapped up for the next spy film (or video game). These blokes fit quite a lot into just four minutes, yet leave me wanting a track two to continue the story.

 Check out: V6_(Radio_Edit) [mp3]

Also, just for kicks, do check out (on soundcloud) the Suit Corps’ killer remix of the Eagles’ “Life in the fast Lane.” It put a big smile on my face. Silly, profane, over-the-top and very, very square (like, Square Dance square). Absolutely perfect for your next 70’s high school reunion (especially if you didn’t really care for your classmates at the time).

Suit Corps: ‘Life in the Fastlane’


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