The New 07.12.11

Some great new stuff this week from Megafaun, Com Truise, Best Coast, Sleeping Bag, Pepper Rabbit, and others…

MegafaunThese Words [mp3] from Megafaun, out Sept. 20

Com TruiseCathode Girls [mp3] from Galactic Melt, out now

Best Coast Gone Again [mp3]

Sleeping BagSlime [mp3] from Sleeping Bag, out August 9

Pepper RabbitRose Mary Stretch [mp3]

RACESBig Broom [mp3] from Year of the Witch

The Chocolate HorseEscape All Responsibility [mp3] from Beasts

Brown Recluse – Impression of a City Morning [mp3] from Evening Tapestry

Young BuffaloOnly We Can Keep You From Harm  [mp3] from Young Von Prettylips EP

IceageWhite Rune [mp3] from New Bridage

Speed the PloughSomething to Say [mp3] from Shine

Happy Tuesday


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